Smart Security Checkups for your Smartphone – Smartphone Security Tips

Losing your smartphone can cost you more than losing your wallet. With day its increasing features and most of our works are depending on the smartphone. From making a call to sending money everything is being done with the smartphone. Most of our sensitive information is saved in our phone. In the online world mobile phone acts like electronic version of you. To verify that it is you online portals use to send code on the mobile phone. It is strongly important to take care of smartphone security. Here I am sharing some smart security checkups for your smartphone to avoid losing confidential data?Smart Security Checkups for your Smartphone - Smartphone Security Tips

Depth of Danger in an Unsecured Smartphone:-

How much an unsecured smartphone can cost you? In your smartphone you may have personal private photographs, videos. Losing these private files can drag you in trouble. Many smartphones are able to save your credit card and bank information. If such information gets leaked, you will be in big trouble.

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Best Mobile Accessories you Should Buy Online in India

With the popularity of mobile phones, accessories for them also getting popular. Many different accessories for mobile phones are available in the market. People purchase these accessories to keep their mobile safe, stylish and advance. I have look online stores and excludes some best mobile accessories you should buy online in India.

Best Mobile Accessories you should Buy Online in India

These accessories are divided into categories, and sorted with the popularity. You can also purchase these accessories for your mobile phone online.

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Google Summer of Code 2014 Registration Open

Google Summer of Code 2014 Registrations open. You can register yourself by 21st March 2014 as a student. Google Summer of Code is a initiative by Google to help the students and programmer to get some bucks. Propose a project to mentors, after getting approval, code the project the summer along and get rewarded.

Google Summer of Code 2014 Registration open

If you are a passionate programmer and want fame and money, then Google Summer of Code is best chance for you. Register with your Google account and create your profile. You need to submit proof that you are a student.

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How to Send Email in PHP Script?

Sending Email with PHP script is not so hard. There is inbuilt function in PHP for sending emails. Here in this tutorial we will show how to send email in PHP script? Many times we need to send some information to the user in his email account. We can directly send the information to users email.

How to Send Email in PHP Script? LetITLearn.COM

In this tutorial we will try to send the information of a user entered by him to his email address. With this example you will easily understand how to send emails in PHP Code.

I am going to enter the user’s information via a HTML form and then send it to his email address entered by him. You may don’t find this example useful in real life but you will understand easily how mail function works?

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How to Choose Perfect Smart Phone for you? – Phone Buying Guide

These days it is hard to choose a right smart phone. People feel lost during buying a phone. There is a common question with all “What features should be in my smart phone?” And “How much it will helpful in daily life?” and also which platform is best, Android, Windows or iOS. Here we are going to reveal some tips in this Smart Phone buying guide – How to choose perfect smart phone for you?

Smart Phone Buying Guide - How to choose a perfect smart phone for you?

A smart phone helps you to increase your productivity and decrease the time taken to do things. Your smart phone lets you manage your daily tasks, appointments, give access to email, navigate you, help you to shopping , sharing things with friends on Social media. Your smart phone not only helps you to do the tasks easily, it also entertains you. You can listen music, watch movies online, and play games. These are the basic features a smart phone must have.

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