5 Most Influential Programmers who have Great Contribution


Often when we see computer world we didn’t think or imagine about great peoples who have worked hard and develop things we use today. Today here we are sharing 5 most influential programmers who have a great contribution to programming.

5 Most Influential Programmers who have Great Contribution

5 Most Influential Programmers

  • Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Mac Alistair Ritchie was most influential American programmer. His contribution to the world of the computer cannot be ignored. He created C programming language and UNIX operating system. He was born in September 1941 and after huge contribution in programming, he leaves this world in October 2011. C programming language created by him in 1972 and since then this language is base of every computer. He was the key developer in developing UNIX operating system. UNIX is known as world’s most strong and convenient operating system.

He has been awarded many awards for his work in programming. He has been awarded Turing Award in 1983 for his contribution in developing UNIX operating system. Some other awards are Computer History Museum, National Medal of Technology, Achievement Award from Industrial Research Institute and Japan Prize for Information and Communication.  After his death computer historian Paul E. Ceruzzi said – “Ritchie was under the radar. His name was not a household name at all, but if you could look in the computer with a microscope, you would see his work everywhere inside.”

  • Linus Torvalds

Linus Benedict Torvalds born in December 1969 is a software engineer from America. He is the person who has given main principle idea of the development of Linux Kernel. Later he developed Revision Control System Git. Git is used to storing all version history and log between different versions of the software. He has been honoured in 2012 for his contribution in creating a new open source operating system by Millennium Technology Prize by the Technology Academy Finland. He was the chief architect of Linux kernel and now works as project coordinator in Linux Foundation.

Linux name of the operating system is given by his friend Ari Lemmke. Ari Lemmke was the administrator of FTP server where the Linux Kernel was first hosted. Before this Linus Torvalds want to call this operating system Freax. Freax word is the combination of Free, Freak and X from UNIX. Linux kernel and Git are the pillars of the computer world. His work cannot be forgotten.

  • Larry Page

Larry Page is the co-founder of Google and a computer scientist from America. He is the inventor of Page Rank algorithm. Page Rank Algorithm is the main algorithm followed by Google to rank web pages in search results. He is the internet entrepreneur with a $20.3 Billion personal wealth. Forbes 400 List of Richest Americans ranked him #13.

He was born on March 1973 in the United States. Carl Page his father had PhD in computer science. Both mother and father were the computer science professors. Larry was interested in the computer in the age of six. He earns a PhD in computer science at StanfordUniversity. He was interested in the mathematical properties of World Wide Web. He started learning the link structure of it. Later he and Sergey Brin started working together and invented Page Rank algorithm. They realize that with help of this algorithm a better search engine can be built. In August 1996 initial version of Google started. Since then it is making internet world a better place.

  • Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf is a computer programmer with Canadian citizenship, he is known for creating most flexible web programming language PHP. He was born in November 1968 and completed his graduation in 1988. Later he completes his bachelor degree in Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering. LIMIT clause was added by him in MSQL DBMS and also contributed to the Apache HTTP Server. The later LIMIT clause was included in all other DBMS. Rasmus Lerdorf was infrastructure designer in Yahoo! Inc from September 2002 to November 2009.

PHP Language is his best contribution in the programming. The more ever this language is open source and most popular in website development. This language is used on more than 244 million websites.

5-      Matt Mullenweg

Mathew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg is an online social media entrepreneur with multiple talents. He is the web developer and good musician. WordPress an open source web Content Management System (CMS) is developed by him. WordPress is most popular and most used CMS in the internet field industry. It is a free blogging tool based on PHP and MySQL. It was released on 27 May 2003 and since then it is installed on more than 60 Million websites. WordPress has changed the way of blogging. If one says that blogging is popular and easy because of WordPress then it will not be hyperbole.


This list is not about the great programmer, this list is the just about 5 programmer who have great contribution in the programming and computer. These people have made great positive changes in computer software with their work. This list does not refer to any ranking of these programmers. We have shared 5 most influential programmers who have great contribution to programming so that you can know a little about these great programmers and have some inspiration.

If you want to add some other people programming legends then add them in comments.

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