5 Best PHP Editors (IDE) to Write PHP Code Effectively


PHP language can be written in the simple text editor; just it should have .php extension while saving. Normally a text editor does not have any formatting function of the text. We have to do different types of formatting manually. Often a large PHP code file becomes tough to handle in a notepad editor. We are sharing 5 best PHP editors (IDE) to write PHP code effectively. These editors will help you write your PHP code easily.

5 Best PHP Editors (IDE) to Write PHP Code Effectively

What is IDE or Editors?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Editors or IDEs are used to develop, execute, compile and debug a program. These editors are designed to develop the program for particular languages.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enables us to develop programs with less difficulty. Such editors provide special formatting features so that we can easily write programs. They offer different colour coding for different types of codes. We can easily distinguish and identify elements of the code.

Some editors also show the dropdown list of the function while you type, it can be selected to save time. Autocomplete lines of codes are also a feature of IDEs. These IDEs also provide a good environment to find and correct errors in the program.

Let’s have a look at 5 Best PHP Editors (IDE):-

  • Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is free web application IDE by Aptana Inc. This IDE supports a number of web programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python. It is multiple language editors. This editor is not for the only PHP, you may use it as a web developer IDE.

Aptana Studio PHP code Editors (IDE) laguage editor

For particularly PHP editor it provides many features:- Code Assist will assist you while typing, Syntax colouring, Auto code formatting. These were the basic features of Aptana PHP editor. To go with an advanced feature it provides the hyperlink to function, and variable. You can simply press Ctrl and click on this hyperlink to move directly.

Download Aptana Studio (free)

  • PHP Eclipse

PHP Eclipse is one of 5 best PHP editors; it is a PHP development plugin to develop PHP applications. Basic features of PHP eclipse editor are syntax colouring, matching brackets so you don’t waste your time to handle brackets, auto code completion, PHP manual, and some sample code templates.

PHP Eclipse PHP code Editors (IDE) laguage editor

PHP eclipse PHP editor provides the easy tool to debug your code. It is a good and free PHP editor. You can download PHP eclipse and can save your time while coding.

 download PHP eclipse

  • NetBeans

NetBeans is multiple programming languages integrated development environment (IDE) primarily focused on Java. If you often need to develop Java programs as well as PHP application then this PHP editor is best for you. NetBeans support Java SE, Java FX, Java EE, Java ME, C/C++, PHP and some other languages.NetBeans PHP code Editors (IDE) laguage editor

As a PHP IDE, it supports syntax highlighting, auto code completion, error highlighting, PHP code debugging, PHP Unit testing, Zend and Symfony framework support. Get NetBeans PHP editor to take benefits of multiple language support.

Download NetBeans IDE

  • Bluefish

Bluefish is a free web development editor with multiple web programming languages support. It supports a wide range of web development languages like PHP, C/C++, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Google Go, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. This editor not only supports multiple programming languages but it also supports multiple platforms. It is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris, and OS X.

As a PHP Editor Bluefish, it provides features such as colour coding, auto-completion, code assist etc. It is a very fast and light PHP code editor that can easily handle many files at a time.

 Download Bluefish PHP Editor

  • Komodo

Komodo is a fast PHP editor that supports other web programming languages too. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, and Python programming languages. It is a simple, lean and sleek design interface. Its UI is very lightweight and you will enjoy coding in it.

Komodo edit support syntax highlighting and checking, variable highlighting, go to definition, Auto code completion, matching brackets, fast opening files and a good user interface.

Download Komodo Edit PHP Editor


These are the 5 best PHP editors (IDE) to write PHP codes effectively. These all editor are free and supports multiple languages. As a web developer, we work on many programming languages at the same time. Using different editor for each programming language is not a good solution. So go with an editor that supports multiple web programming language is a good idea.

Tell me which PHP Editor (IDE) you use to write your PHP application? If you don’t use – which one you are going to use?

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